Facts about Fair Trade Plantain Crisps  

Amazon Native Snacks

All Natural – Organic Certified - Product of Ecuador- Locally Sourced & Fairtrade certified too.

Zamora plantain Crisps started life in the Ecuadorian Amazon in the province of Zamora Chinchipe , an exceptionally beautiful geographic area with a unique biodiversity. It is here that our plantains are cultivated by a cooperative of over 750 families of small farmers and under conditions that support the local ecology and environment. This cooperative is part of  the “Federación Regional de Asociaciones de Pequeños Cafetaleros Ecologicos del Sur” (FAPECAFES) which is certified under the international norms of Fairtrade.

These delicious and crunchy Fairtrade crisps have been processed using only the highest quality plantains called “DOMINIQUE” carefully selected to delight your palette!  

Now you can find Zamora Plantain Crisps available in Europe, thanks to our trading ally and strategic partners Fair Business Alliance Ltd and Fair Trade Scotland Ltd.     

Fair Business Alliance & Fair Trade Scotland have been supporting our project of launching Zamora plantain Crisps from the beginning and we are very pleased to be working in alliance with them to introduce these delicious crisps into the European market.   


 Plantain Crisps Salted  Description: Lightly salted, golden and crispy  Ingredients: Organic Certified Plantains, organic sunflower oil, salt. Shelf life: 12 month   

Plantain Crisps Spicy  Description: Delicious, mouth-watering and spicy  Ingredients: Organic Certified Plantains, organic sunflower oil, paprika, pepper, salt, chilli. Shelf life: 12 months 

Plantain Crisps Naturally Sweet   Description: Healthy, unsalted and natural.  Ingredients: Organic Certified Plantains sweet, organic sunflower oil Shelf life: 12 months 

Production Method :

The bananas trees are carefully cultivated on the land of our farmers and after one year the trees begin to bear fruit. They are harvested while still unripe to produce the salted and spicy plantain Crisps and left to mature naturally for the sweet plantain chip variety.

Production Capacity : 15 tons of Crisps per month (any variety)

Packaging Description : The product is packed in Ecuador in bags of 45 grams and 15 bags (of the same flavour) are placed in a cardboard box.     

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